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#34 June 2003

The Clock
The Target
John Law: Scientective
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   -Bulletman, The Clock, and Lu-Nar scans by me.

   -The Clock is from the collection of Scott Nichols.

   -Target scans by Bill Nolan.

   -John Law scans by Marble River.

  3 Weeks- Spotlight Comics Annual #3 hits the internet with our very first book-length story featuring a newcomer to the Golden Years, Wiggles the Wonderworm!!!

  4 Weeks- We get patriotic in All-Amazing Comics #35 for the 4th of July with Minute Man, the Liberator, the Target (at war), Miss Victory, and Commando Ranger!!! Don't miss it!!!

On the Radio!
Coming soon!
    Hi there, and welcome to the thirty-fourth issue of All-Amazing Comics! If you wish to donate a story(s) to this book please e-mail me at the address below.

The letters will return next month!!!


    I WANT to hear from you! Tell me what you liked/disliked, loved/hated about this issue! If you have a request I can't promise that I can grant it but I'll see what I can do. Just e-mail me at thanks!

Cover Gallery
Wow Comics #5
Fawcett Publications Inc., January 16, 1942
Artist: Mac Raboy?
   Here's the original version of this month's cover!
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