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#34 June 2003

The Clock
The Target
John Law: Scientective
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   -Bulletman, The Clock, and Lu-Nar scans by me.

   -The Clock is from the collection of Scott Nichols.

   -Target scans by Bill Nolan.

   -John Law scans by Marble River.

Hello and welcome to the thirty-fourth picky issue of All-Amazing Comics!!! Here you'll get a monthly dose of Golden Age goodness! Enjoy!
Cover by: Mac Raboy(?) The cover was originally the one used for Wow Comics #5 featuring Mr. Scarlet and Pinky, but was altered by a Canadian artist (I assume) to feature Bulletman and Bulletgirl for the cover of Three Aces vol.3 no.6 (#30). A scan of the original Wow Comics cover is our cover of the month in the cover gallery!

***Reader's Choice Results***

Here now are the results of the Reader's Choice voting! This year set a new record for participation, 17 voters! (Although not everyone voted in all categories.)
1st Story:
Amazing-Man-Amazing-Man Comics 15: 5 votes
Bulletman-Three Aces Comics 30: 7 votes
Doc Strange-Thrilling Comics 8: 2 votes
Nightmare-Clue Comics 9: 3 votes
2nd Story:
Alias the Spider-Crack Comics 22: 6 votes
The Clock-Crack Comics 23: 8 votes
Jupiter-Prize Comics 4: 2 votes
Triple Terror-Tip-Top Comics 72: 1 vote
3rd Story:
The Target and the Targeteers
“The Evil Genius”-Target Comics vol.2 no.11: 3 votes
“Introducing the Tiny Targets!”-4 Most Comics vol.1 no.2: 3 votes
“Rule of Terror”-Target Comics vol.3 no.1:  3 votes
“The Movieland Murders”-Target Comics vol.3 no.2: 7 votes
4th Story:
The Little Leaders-Cat-Man Comics 15: 3 votes
Lu-Nar-Wonderworld Comics 30: 4 votes; 4 in tie breaker
Paul Bunyan-National Comics 15: 4 votes; 3 in tie breaker
Supermouse-Supermouse 38: 4 votes; 2 in tie breaker
5th Story:
Blimpy-Feature Comics 89: 2 votes
John Law: Scientective-Smash Comics 10: 12 votes
Lance Rand-Cat-Man Comics 3: 0 votes
Patty O’Day-Wonderworld Comics 4: 2 votes

Bulletman and Bulletgirl
    -Story taken from Three Aces Comics vol.3 no.6 (#30); Redrawn from the American story originally appearing in Master Comics #32.
Anglo-American Publishing Co. Ltd. July 1944
     -Writer- Otto Binder
     -Penciler- Unknown
     -Inker- Unknown
    -A.K.A.- Jim Barr and Susan Kent
    -Known Powers- Flight due to their helmets which also magnetically attract bullets.
   -Known Appearances- America's Greatest Comics 1-8; Bulletman 1-16 (no #13); Bulletman Dime Action Book; Gift Comics 1-4; Holiday Comics 1; Master Comics 7-106; Mighty Midget Comics: Bulletman (11 and 12) Nickel Comics 1-8; Whiz Comics 106; X-Mas Comics 1-2

The Clock
    -Story taken from Crack Comics #23
Comic Magazines Inc. May 1942
     -Writer- George E. Brenner
     -Penciler- George E. Brenner
     -Inker- George E. Brenner
    -A.K.A.- Brian O'Brien
    -Known Powers- None.
    -Other Information: A former All-American fullback and champion polo player, O'Brien was outraged at the widespread crime in the city, so he retired from his job as District Attorney and devoted his time to crime fighting as the Clock.
    -Known Appearances- Crack Comics 1-35; Detective Picture Stories 2, 5; Feature Comics 1-31; Funny Pages 1; Funny Picture Stories 1-2; Keen Detective Funnies 1-2 
The Clock

The Target
The Target and the Targeteers
    -Story taken from Target Comics vol.3 no.2
Novelty Press Inc. April 1942
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Sid Greene
     -Inker- Sid Greene
    -A.K.A.- Niles Reed, Tom Brown, and Dave Foster
    -Known Powers- None.
    -Other Information: Niles Reed, a metallurgist, was orphaned at 16, leaving only his older brother Bill, a district attorney, as family. His brother was framed for murder and sentenced to death. A masked Niles freed Bill on the way to prison, only to be killed by one of the guards while making the escape. Now alone in the world. Niles soon met Tom and Dave, both orphans of crime, and formed a fast friendship. One night while playing darts, Tom made an analogy between crime and the target they were using which inspired Niles. He soon crafted bulletproof costumes out of flexable metal for the trio, and they begin their lives as the Target and the Targeteers!
   -Known Appearances- Blue Bolt 102-104 (reprints 105 and 110); 4 Most Comics vol.1 no.1-2, vol.5 no.1; Target Comics vol.1 no.10-vol.9 no.5, 8, vol.10 no.1

    -Story taken from Wonderworld Comics #30
Fox Publications Inc. October 1941
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Unknown
     -Inker- Unknown
    -A.K.A.- Unknown
    -Known Powers- Strength.
    -Known Appearances- Wonderworld Comics 28-33

John Law John Law: Scientective
    -Story taken from Smash Comics #10
Comic Magazines Inc. May 1940
     -Writer- Harry Campbell
     -Penciler- Harry Campbell
     -Inker- Harry Campbell
    -Other Information: John Law grew up on the lower east side of "Crossroad City." When his father, a criminal, kills himself and his best friend, Officer Serf, during a robbery, John went to work for the D.A.'s office, and then as a police officer.
    -Known Appearances- Smash Comics 3-12

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